What We Offer

Equipment repair

We have years of experience troubleshooting, diagnosing, and repairing mechanical issues that may arise in your plant, let us take a look.

Custom machinery

At our shop, we offer custom ground up machine builds, including engineering, fabrication, assembly and install, as well as support and training for your staff.

Special Modifications

The mechanical team is highly skilled at assesing your equipment and making unique modifications to help your process run smoothly.

Mechanical Engineering

Full engineering, drafting and design make every project we take on come out mathematically and mechanically excellent.

Team Leader

Kevin Swier

Years of experience with mechanical systems in the food and beverage industry provide Kevin with an excellent eye for solutions in the packaging and process environments. He has created custom reject solutions for canning and box filling lines with great success. Custom conveyance and mechanical servo drive retrofits sit on his list of achievements.

Perpetual Learning

Our engineers are dedicated to the innovation and advancement of your industry. We grow, learn and better ourselves and our customers with every job completed. Don’t see your mechanical need listed here? Drop us a line and we can explore our options.